Back Pain FAQs

Back pain is an ailment that affects young and old alike. Acute back pain can happen suddenly due to an injury, while chronic pain can occur due to age-related chronic conditions. If you find yourself with consistent pain and discomfort, consider chiropractic care for back pain relief. These FAQs from Goldberg Chiropractic, serving the residents of East Norwich, Syosset, Oyster Bay, Woodbury, Huntington, Jericho, Bayville, Plainville, and Hicksville, explain more about back pain causes, symptoms and treatment.


What types of injuries can cause back pain?

Acute back pain can result from injuries sustained in auto accidents, workplace accidents, sports collisions, slip and falls, and other events that cause trauma to your body. These events can cause damage to spinal muscles, ligaments, joints, bones, discs, and nerves, all of which can cause back pain and stiffness.

Besides injury, what are some other causes of back pain?

Back pain can also be caused by poor posture, age related disc degeneration, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, or other chronic conditions. Heavy lifting, obesity, and pregnancy can put undue strain on your back, causing pain.  

Why do I feel back pain and leg pain at the same time?

If your low back pain is accompanied by hip and leg pain, you could be suffering from sciatica. This condition occurs when spinal structures press on your sciatic nerve, which stretches from your lower back all the way down your legs.

How does your chiropractor diagnose back pain?

We’ll start by reviewing your entire medical history to get an idea of former conditions, injuries, and treatments you’ve had. Then we’ll review your symptoms and perform a comprehensive physical exam to check your spinal alignment and mobility. We may need x-rays or an MRI to view your internal spinal structures. This helps us determine if chiropractic care can help you.  

How does chiropractic care help with back pain?

Chiropractic care deals with musculoskeletal issues and spinal function. If your spine is out of alignment due to injury or chronic condition, we’ll use chiropractic adjustments to restore balance to your skeletal system. This helps relieve muscle tension and pressure on nerves to reduce pain. It also helps restore spinal function and puts your body in a position to heal.

Physical therapy is used to strengthen supporting muscles in your spine and improve flexibility and mobility. Massage eases muscle tension, improves circulation, and promotes quicker healing. Lifestyle changes can also help prevent back pain, so you can obtain long term pain relief.

See Our Syosset Chiropractor for Back Pain Relief

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